Riffel Riesling trocken 2015

TOP Riesling Quarzit 2015 

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Perez Cruz Camenere,  Limited Edition 2013 NEU


Pressetext / Press release 26.01.2012







 looking for importers/distributers in Polen, CZ, DK, NL













A lot of awards in 2011

2011 has been a very exciting year. The wineries I represent got a lot of  awards for their products . A Riesling from Hirsch, Syrah from Perez Cruz, Peccatum from Leberl and on and on and on…

Awards from Decanter, Falstaff, A La Carte and Wine and Spirits magazine .Most exciting fact is that two wineries been awarded as Winery of the year, Hirsch Winery as Falstaff Winery of the Year in Austria and LOMA LARGA as Wine and Spirtis Magazine Winery of the Year in Chile

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Weinakademie Abschluss
Sunday, 22.11.

Am Freitag den 20. November fand die Graduierungfeier der Weinakademiker 2015 im Schloß Esterhazy, Eisenstadt statt. Dabei wurde mir und 23 anderen der Titel Weinakademiker verliehen. Die Absolventen... >>